Monday, 25 August 2014

Black Dolphin Parking Sensor Kit - Fitted to VW Polo

Black Dolphin DPS400 award winning parking sensor kit fitted to a VW Polo
Carole Chesterman 
Wires on Volkswagen  Polo VW

Take light out to reach bumper screws

Light removed 

Unskrew Bumper 

remove bumper 

More Skrews

More Skrews 2

Now remove bumper 

VW Polo Bumper Removal 

Behind the Bumper 

Guides pre marked on bumper so no working out was required 

Power source 

Wiring in 

Will all be hidden 

Inside Bumper Drilling Marks 

Drilling VW Bumper 

Golf holes for parking sensor 

More Drilling 

threading parking sensor through hole 

Neatly in hole 

Sorting out wires 

Cable tie wires together 

Wires passing through Gromit to inside the boot 

Bumper View 

Wires in Boot 
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