Monday, 21 November 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

Parking Sensors Fitted to Fiat Motorhome

This is a Fiat Motorhome motor home installation using a preferred water proof box at the back underneath the van to hold the Brain. The parking sensors were fitted through our mobile installer network.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Detailed Dolphin Parking Sensor Installation

Lee Knowles
Dolphin Audio in silver fitted to a Honda Civic. Masking tape is used to accurately identify the drilling location and it helps hold the drill bit in place when drilling and protect the paintwork. Ideally you want to mount them 50cm off the ground, you can get away with less but may need to use the wedges included in the kit to angle the sensors up slightly if you start mounting at 40cm or less.
The bumper has been drilled in situ but them removed to feed the cabling through to the boot where you can see a hole has been drilled and gromit fitted to pass the cabling through, you can alternatively use some silicone sealant. Power lead has been soldered onto the reverse light feed but a connector block is a more common solution. 
Honda Civic

Checking Height to Drill
Making a Mark for Drilling

Masking area for clean cut

Drilled Holes in Bumper

Removal of Bumper

Gromit for wires to come through

Wire Hole
Threading wires through gromit

All Wires Through

Bumper back on, sensors in holes

Attaching to wiring

Soldering on parking sensor power lead

Brain box and buzzer mounted in boot

Mounted by spare tyre

Job done sensors working