Saturday, 19 September 2015

Parking Sensors Fitted to Hyundai Coupe

DPS400 Dolphin Kit fitted to Hyundai Coupe by Colin of Smart-Tech Kent. Silver sensors fitted on to body coloured bumper with good spacing across the rear.

Parking Sensors on Hyundai Coupe 54 reg (DPS400)


Ford Focus C-Max Ghia Fitted With Dolphin Parking Sensors

Ford Focus C-Max Ghia with matt black sensors fitted in the lower trim that is angled up. This is where the sensors are designed to go and where ford fit them as original equipment. 

Ford Focus in Silver with sensors fitted


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Parking Sensors installed on a Seat Mii - White

This installation is of a set of white DPS400 sensors on a 14 reg Seat Mii.  The sensors are our standard size sensors and white is a stock colour so there is no need for the cost of a custom spray to get a great match. 

These sensors were fitted by one of the installers available through the website that sells the Dolphin Automotive brand.  If you fit our sensors and would like us to feature your work and advertise your website on our blog please contact us


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Edwards Motorhome Fitted With Dolphin Parking sensors

This Edwards motorhome had one of our bronze parking sensor kits fitted by one of our installers.  It was a stock colour so there was no need for custom spraying and it was a perfect match.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Nissan Juke with Custom Painted Sensors to Match Bodywork

These Sensor installed on this Nissan Juke have Been Painted to Match Exactly to the Cars Colour, As Requested by the Customer..


Renault Captur Fitted with Dolphin Automotive Micro Parking Sensors

This Renault Captur is best fitted with Matt Micro parking sensors as the Crash Bar is Positioned Close to the Bumper and the FREE space at the top is Limited