Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dolphin Silver Fitted to Seat Arosa

Submitted By Customer - Chris GibbsNorwich

Masking tape used on bumper to mark out where to drill holes and also to ensure neater holes produced with drill

Seat Arosa planning where to drill using masking tape 

Holes drilled with the drill as supplied with the dolphin parking sensor kit 

After holes were drilled in bumper

Sensors fit perfectly in to the holes that were drilled in to the bumper 

Sensors in holes

The back fiew of the removed bumper with sensors in place 


Wires through gromit 

Wire through plug

Wires neatly tied with cable ties near to the control box 

Neaten wires

Close up of finished job 

Finished article

The final result of the fitting on the Seat Arosa 
Parking sensors Fitted to Seat Arosa